Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

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Intelligent Design vs. Evolution
This playlist was created by on Thursday, April 01, 2010.

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Intelligent Design vs. Evolution (22:21)

Confronting one of the most complex and potentially divisive issues on the American cultural landscape, this ABC News program examines the intellectual and political forces that support the teaching of intelligent design in public schools. The video focuses on the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think tank that has generated widespread enthusiasm—and criticism—for making I.D. part of science curricula. Also featured is an in-depth debate between George Will and Cal Thomas, two conservative commentators who differ on whether a non-testable, quasi-religious belief should be promoted in biology courses. The result is an effective springboard for class discussion on an extremely challenging topic. (22 minutes)

Doubting Darwin: The Marketing of Intelligent Design (02:33)
Science and religion have resolved their differences over the earth's rotation around the sun. Now the issue is evolution, after President George W. Bush's declaration that both evolution and intelligent design should be taught in the schools.

Discovery Institute's Mission (02:40)
The Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think tank, wants to convince the public that modern science is wrong about evolution and that schools should teach intelligent design, two extremes critics claim are not equals.

Evolution of Intelligent Design (02:41)
The intelligent design strategy began after the 1987 Supreme Court's decision banned the teaching of creationism in public schools. The Discovery Institute responded with "The Wedge Document" and encouraged schools in Ohio and Kansas to challenge evolution.

Evolution and Intelligent Design: Two Equal Sides? (01:55)
The Discovery Institute argues that the complexities of human cells cannot be explained by evolution alone. Critics disagree with this idea and the institute's method of presenting a specious argument that both sides should be heard.

Intelligent Design in America's Schools (02:15)
Cal Thomas believes a form of secular fundamentalism can be found at America's universities and in the culture. Although earlier scientists recognized an intelligent creator, George Will does not believe intelligent design has a place in the science classroom.

President Bush and Intelligent Design (02:52)
There is no evidence that intelligent design has a scientific foundation. Thomas believes Bush's position is political--to appeal to the people in the "red" states. According to Will, Bush actually believes in intelligent design.

Intelligent Design: Theology or Science? (03:46)
According to Will, the Discovery Institute appeals to a misplaced sense of fair play and the awe of science to infuse the mass culture with its position on intelligent design. Thomas believes "red state" voters feel their values are unwelcome in the public arena.

Keeping the Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Debate Alive (01:36)
Thomas argues that the debate of evolution and intelligent design would lack resonance except it is lumped with other issues such as school prayer and abortion. Will believes that politics and people's fears of a worsening society keep the debate an issue.