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Bullies (20:14)

In the U.S., an estimated 1.6 million students in grades six through ten are bullied one or more times per week—and as many as 150,000 victims cut classes each day just to avoid it. In this program, candid interviews with bullied students including Evan Ramsey, convicted of killing his school’s principal and a classmate, as well as with two reformed bullies—one male, one female—provide a wide-ranging peer perspective on school violence. Students also share their successes as part of anti-bullying and peer mediation programs in their schools, while a national expert on the bullying dynamic explains how to confront and counter bullying in the nation’s schools. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Meridian Production. (18 minutes)

Results of Bullying (03:27)
Bullied students retaliate and tragedy results. Teenager Evan Ramsey will not be eligible for parole until age 85 due to his shooting rampage in response to being bullied.

Cycle of Violence (02:07)
Yesterday's victim of bullying can become today's bully. Statistics on bullying show that it is a growing problem, and a former bullying victim speaks out to prevent future tragedies.

Bullies and Power (03:04)
Former bullies relate how, by bullying, they gained power over others and boosted their self-esteem.

When Bullying Stops (02:18)
Former bullies speak out about what they have learned. Educators speak out about how to break the bullying cycle and teach students how to deal with conflict.

Anti-Bullying Programs (05:47)
Two anti-bullying programs take different approaches to bullying prevention. One program educates; the other program incarcerates.