Business Ethics: a 21st century perspective

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Business Ethics: a 21st century perspective
This playlist was created by on Wednesday, July 07, 2010.

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Business Problems/Ethics (01:35)
A new global marketplace of the twenty-first century creates new ethics and challenges based on moral principles. How they are faced will define businesses for the next century.

Temptations vs. Ethical Dilemmas (02:46)
Ethical dilemmas are different than moral temptations. While temptation suggests a clear case of right or wrong, ethics has many gray areas.

Teaching Ethics (02:28)
Ethics engage a fair amount of systematic analysis. Students explore keys issues in ethics, such as the legal, financial, and ethical implications of their decisions.

Resoluton Principles (02:40)
Ends-based ethics are based on the greatest good for the greatest number. Rules-based ethics are based on principles that out way practical results.

Implementing Core Values (02:02)
In a global marketplace it is difficult to identify stakeholders and establish core values. There are six values themes people generally share across the globe.

Future Business Dilemmas (02:58)
Changing values about gathering and selling customer information, advances in biotechnology, and respecting animals deserve more consideration. Higher values increase profits.