Queen Isabella and Moors in Spain

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Queen Isabella and Moors in Spain
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Muslim Invasion of Spain (03:20)
Visigothic Spain often welcomed Muslim invaders with open arms in order to gain Muslim protection. The invasion was swift and effective, but the invasion lacked strong leadership.

Ethnic Cleansing in Spain (01:50)
Queen Isabella is a religious fanatic who is determined to cleanse Spain of the last traces of people who were not Christians. Thus ends the Moorish civilization that flourished in Spain for 700 years. What is the real story of the Moors?

Isabella Becomes Queen of Castile (03:04)
Upon the death of King Henry IV, Princess Isabella enthrones herself in the castle at Segovia and reigns with her husband Prince Ferdinand of Aragon. Isabella turns her attention to Alhambra Palace, the last Moorish fortress.

Spain (01:38)
Ferdinand and Isabella push the Islamic Moors out of Alhambra. They commission Columbus to go west to colonize and convert territories for Spain. The Church draw a "Line of Demarcation".

Catholicism and Islam in Spain (03:34)
Queen Isabella adds only one Catholic statue to the Moorish Alhambra Palace. In violation of her treaty with the last sultan, Isabella destroys a mosque and erects a Catholic church. The interior of the Alhambra, however, remains relatively untouched.