Goal-Setting and Action-Planning

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Goal-Setting and Action-Planning
This playlist was created by Doug Humphrey on Wednesday, April 01, 2009.

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Goal Setting and Action Planning (28:19)

This video helps students establish criteria for attainable goals and objectives, and shows them how to evaluate goals on the basis of these criteria. Students begin to draft their own goal lists and action plans for implementing their search. (28 minutes)

What Goals Do for Us (01:29)
Goal setting lets us identify where we want to be in life and the path we will take to get there. Goals keep us moving in a direction that is important to us.

Goal Setting: A Motivator (02:39)
Goals are a powerful motivator and we are more likely to push ourselves when we have a goal. Investing time and energy into reaching a goal brings success.

Job Search: Goals (02:44)
Establish both short and long-term goals. Long-term goals match careers with values, interests, or specialized degrees, while short-term goals prepare us for long term goals.

Objectives and Goal Setting (03:51)
A career with unique education requirements would be considered a long-term goal. Remember to make goals specific, measurable, realistic, and meaningful.

Exercise: Evaluating Goals (03:54)
Evaluate the on-screen list of goals. Are they specific? Measurable? Realistic? Meaningful?

"Hot Tip:" Visualize Your Goals (01:16)
Placing images that are reminders of our goals where we can see them everyday helps us visualize our goals as reality.

Action Plan: A Job Search Tool (04:06)
By writing down specific and measurable goals, we create an action plan. Tips include a series of steps in writing an action plan to achieve short-term goals and develop objectives.

Goal Setting: Focused and Flexible (03:39)
A goal to find a job that fits our values, skills, and interests should be focused, but flexible. Goals should be clear and precise without being restrictive.

Reviewing the Action Plan (01:30)
Continue to review the action plan, adding ideas, making changes, and writing new goals. As you develop your action plan, reflect on what you have learned throughout the job search.