Decision-Making Strategies

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Decision-Making Strategies
This playlist was created by Doug Humphrey on Wednesday, April 01, 2009.

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Decision-Making Strategies (28:09)

This video looks at rational-linear and intuitive decision-making techniques. Personal decision-making style is featured, showing how a person’s values, willingness to take risks, and ability to be objective all influence the decision-making process. (28 minutes)

Routine and Complex Decision-Making (01:54)
Most of us make routine decisions quickly, but complex decisions do not come as easily. Consider the trade-offs and short or long term effects of a potential decision.

Exercise: Decision-Making Styles (02:53)
Following on-screen prompts, write down words that best describe your decision-making approach. Understanding your style can help you choose the best approach to career decisions.

Rational Decision-Makers (02:37)
Gain confidence in decision-making by evaluating alternatives. Make confident choices by using a positive decision-making strategy--the rational/linear model.

Intuitive Decision-Makers (01:51)
Intuitive decision-makers look for the direction that feels right. What seems like a "hunch" may be accumulated insight.

Decision-Making Factors (04:23)
Personal values, risk, and objectivity influence the decision-making process.

Criticism and Doubt (01:54)
Evaluate criticism before deciding to accept or discard it altogether. A career counselor, teacher, minister, or mentor can be helpful when we are uncertain of a decision.

"Hot Tip:" Make Decisions Work for You (01:23)
Decisions move things forward. Take action to make your decision successful and it will turn into a "good" decision.

Exercise: Factors in Decision-Making (04:27)
Write down your last major decision and note what factors influenced that decision. Understanding those factors can help decrease some decision-making anxiety.

Exercise: Rating Work Conditions (03:07)
List and prioritize some working conditions as shown on the screen. Rate three of your career options based on the priorities you have identified.

Review: Career Decision-Making (00:30)
Successful career planning requires making decisions about what we want to accomplish. Decision-making strategies are tools that help us reach our goals.