Kate Chopin: "The Joy That Kills"

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Kate Chopin: "The Joy That Kills"
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Kate Chopin: The Joy That Kills (56:14)

This is the widely heralded adaptation of the short story by Kate Chopin, the late-19th-century writer whose work is only now receiving the major recognition it deserves. The setting is Kate Chopin’s own world—the world of the upper-class Creole society that dominated New Orleans in the 1870s, a world with a strict code of behavior, one of whose strongest tenets required a wife to subordinate her will and her very being to her husband. Produced and directed by Tina Rathborne. (56 minutes)

Brently and Mrs. Mallard (02:26)
The Mallards travel the world through their stereoscope, but Mrs. Mallard rarely leaves the house. Her health is said to be precarious, and she is shielded from stresses and strains.

Mrs. Mallard's Heart (02:58)
The doctor examines Louise Mallard. He tells her that her heart is stabilized and that she is strong. He tells her she may leave the house and that she is strong enough to travel to Paris.

Louise Watches the World (03:39)
Louise Mallard attempts to move a heavy plant. Louise takes charge of her part of the world and can view the streets from her position. Her husband determines each event of her life.

Exquisite Wife (02:47)
Brently Mallard acknowledges that his wife is the most exquisite in the world. Louise learns about the outside world exclusively from her husband who makes his fortune in real estate.

Good News (03:06)
Brently is not overjoyed to hear that Louise's doctor has given her a clean bill of health. At their usual time, Brently and Louise look at the stereoscope. Brently wants Louise to stay indoors.

World Travelers (05:23)
Brently and Louise Mallard sit each night at six o'clock while Louise views the world through the stereoscope. She imagines herself in Paris with Brently while he tells her stories of his travels.

Anniversary Party (05:00)
Louise prepares for the anniversary party in the same dress she sees in the stereoscope. She hopes to surprise Brently with the dress. Louise asks to accompany Brently on a trip; he refuses.

Irony in Louise's Life (03:41)
Louise listens to her guests toast the free Sout. The irony of her own "imprisonment" does not escape her. Louise hears a story about a widow who fares very well after the death of her husband.

Disagreement (06:01)
Louise discusses Brently's concerns with her doctor. Louise confronts Brently about his anger. He tears up the stereoscope cards and then begs for forgiveness. Louise has a nightmare.

Shocking News (07:13)
Louise watches the same, quiet routine of the household from her balcony. Brently is away for three or four days, their first separation. Louise hears news of her husband's death.

Louise Alone (04:40)
Maggie comforts Louise. Louise gains her composure as she looks about herself. Louise remembers her childhood with a drunken father. Louise understands that she is alone, but free.

Shocking Appearance (07:60)
As she strolls on her balcony, Louise hears birdsongs and a contented smile comes to her face. As she descends the stairs, her husband comes through the door. Louise collapses and dies.