In order to experience Films On Demand at its best, a minimum system requirement is necessary. Your current system configuration is displayed below. Please refer to the recommendations in the "Notes" section at the bottom of the screen.

Operating System
Name :
System :
Memory : Minimum 256 MB RAM; 512 MB of RAM or higher recommended.
Screen Resolution :
Browser Settings
Browser Name : Unknown(Unknown) 0.0
Internet Speed :
Supports Cookies : False
Supports JavaScript : 0.0
Plug Ins
Supports Shockwave Flash :
Supports Adobe Acrobat Reader :
Supports Quick Time :
Supports Real Player :
Supports Windows Media Player :

Notes :
  • Free hard drive space : Minimun 100MB. Recommended: 10 GB.
  • Screen Resolution : Minimun 800X600. Recommended: 1024X768.
  • Video : 16-bit Video display card.
  • Audio : 16-bit Sound Card and Speakers.
  • Monitor : minimum color depth of thousands of colors, millions of colors recommended.
  • To improve download times and allow for faster and more concurrent streams from Films On Demand Content Server, configure your network firewall to allow a higher bit rate to pass through the following ports: Windows Media Player: Port 1755; Quick Time: Port 554.